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The most important thing buyers and sellers need to know about the South Florida market today is that it is a fast-moving market, and if you snooze you can lose. You need to be up to date and work with an experienced, tech-savvy agent who has his finger on the pulse of the community you’re interested in. Contracts can be tricky, and negotiation and handling of the transaction are key to closing your deal.” 

On choosing an agent: 
“Choose someone you trust, who you feel comfortable with and who has proven results in the market you are interested in. We live, work, play and network in Weston, and have for almost two decades. We have our finger on the pulse of the city and love to share our knowledge and insight with our clients.” 

Predictions for 2017: 
“Forecasters are predicting a strong year ahead for South Florida with little risk of a downturn. Mortgage rates will continue to rise gradually; as well, home values will slowly increase in the South Florida market. Weston and Parkland will continue to remain in high demand, primarily due to A+ public schools, low crime and improving job markets. We’re looking forward to the millennial home buyers finally coming to the the table to buy.” 

"Recently, Dean received a phone call from a past client from his previous job in New Jersey. Theclientwaslooking at inWeston magazine and spotted a familiar face in a two-page real estate ad. He said to his wife, ‘I think I know this guy. He’s my old golf pro from New Jersey, and if it’s him, there is no need to look any further.’ He made the call, we all got re-acquainted, and the story ended with a SOLD sign in less than one week. Only in Florida".