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Rose Sklar shares advice on the latest smart home gadgets with InWeston Magazine

The name of the game today is convenience. Life is fast-paced and many now value convenience more than ever before. Food delivered direct to your doorstep, and the ease of jumping into a Lyft to the airport. Everything managed, controlled and executed from our mobile device. 

As the old adage goes: Time is Money. Time is our most precious commodity, and anything that makes our life easier, is what today’s buyer is looking for.  

A recent survey conducted by Coldwell Banker found that more than one-third of Americans (35 percent) now associate smart home technology with a move-in ready home. Having smart home technology in your home will enhance the value of your property and help it stand out to today’s savvy consumer.  

This could help your property sell faster and for more money too. Smart homes are now attainable by most and no longer just for luxury homes. In today’s market, millennial buyers are especially attracted to homes that incorporate smart technology. Remember, they were born with an iPhone in their hand and they currently make up 36 percent of the buyer pool and growing every day. 

How do you define a smart home?

Internet connectivity that helps monitor security, temperature, lighting and more from the comfort of your smart device. 


•  Ring doorbell: Know who is at your door from your iPhone. Also helps prevent break-ins and lowers your insurance. 

•  Google Nest Thermostat: Very popular in many of our homes today. The Nest learns your habits and automatically adjusts temperature based on your past behavior. It can also be programmed from your electronic device. According to reports from Nest, its smart thermostat saves customers on average 15 percent on cooling per year.

•  August Smart Lock: You can allow family and friends/workers to enter by opening the front door or garage via your smart device.  

•  Impact windows: Bring safety and conserve energy, thereby saving the buyer money on energy bill and providing peace of mind. 

And let’s not forget the dog. Recent statistics report that over 7 in 10 millennials have a pet and of that, 56 percent have a dog. So what about a doggie home with an open door placed under your current staircase or water/food bowls hidden in your kitchen kick plates, with easy activation of use. Now you see it, and with a quick push in, now you don’t. Anything that makes our lives easier and gives us more time to do the things that matter most are a hit with today’s savvy buyer pool.