The Importance of Homeowners Insurance

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What are expected rates for homeowner insurance and flood insurance? Rates vary depending on whether you live in a high-risk zone: Yes, the flood risk (zone) impacts pricing. Rates depend on the elevation of the property. For properties in high risk areas built after the first FEMA flood maps, the elevation of the building in relation to the base flood elevation impacts pricing.Rates depend on the structure of the home. The design and age of structure impact pricing. The use of the home impacts pricing as well (primary home, secondary, rental, etc.) 


Is Flood insurance required? No, but is always recommended Runs approximately single family 200-400 per year (higher if you live in a high-risk zone)If you live in a Moderate to Low Flood Hazard Area with or without a loan, coverage should not be required but highly recommended.  More than 20 percent of all National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims come from outside the areas of highest risk. Preferred Risk Policies (PRP) can range based on limits/deductibles, with higher premiums in the $516 range 


What is Mind Mitigation?  An inspection done to verify the wind resistant construction features of a property and formally document the findings.


Written by Alison Kallman