The Sklar Team Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

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Real Estate

By Rose Sklar


As we work through our new normal, The Sklar team will pivot and remain hopeful that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation and we as a world will need to transition to our new normal.  The Sklar Team has embraced this new virtual world, filled with Zoom Meetings, virtual showings, and digital marketing.  There will be benefits to all industries as we learn and adapt to living and working in a more virtual world. 

The Weston market, in particular, is still experiencing closings and showings, as real estate is and has been deemed essential.  All industries involved in the transaction of this new normal have quickly adapted utilizing virtual meeting technology, wiring of funds, traveling notaries, facetime access to properties for appraisers, and more. Our Weston community has been faring well in this crisis as we Floridians are used to hurricane preparation and hunkering down at home. We are resilient and will bounce back to our new normal.

With an eye on technology, The Sklar Team is incorporating 3D interactive tours and/or walkthrough video tours on our properties.  They are available online, via our extensive internet websites, social media channels, and in our constant contact newsletters.   We continue to recommend renovation and Staging coupled with targeted social media posts based on big data. We can provide Virtual Staging for vacant homes and Facebook Live to promote our listings Anytime.  

As far as staging homes to assist with the sale, we examine whether staging or not on a case by case evaluation. Staging is always a wonderful enhancement that will speed up the time a property stays on the market. The first impression is vital.  Enhancing the photos will always get more eyes on the property and more internet hits.  Our walkthrough videos and 3D tours allow the buyer to walk through the property in real-time.  We have the technology to virtually add furniture, especially helpful in this current climate where we cannot enter many homes physically. We still feel that staging is a big part of attracting the buyers and to continue to view and search additional photos as opposed to leaving and writing your home off their list. Our team is comfortable with the virtual world  

The best advice is to remember, this is a moment in time, almost like a snowstorm.  We are in the storm, it will eventually melt and we as a world, will have to learn to live with the new normal. In challenging times like these, we adapt and embrace the technology, 

In order to sell your home in this new environment, some of the rules remain the same. Prepare the home, declutter, paint, neutralize, and thoroughly clean.  Power price to sell, not to test the market.  Most importantly, today, video and or 3D tours are of utmost importance.  These platforms get the buyer inside the home in real-time and many sales have been made using only virtual photography, floor plans, and neighborhood videos. 

We are still showing homes and working with buyers. Rates are at historical lows. Anyone who is still currently on the market and allowing showings is most likely motivated. Knowing that real estate is and will always be a safe investment long term. Brick and mortar will always be a great investment.  It may fluctuate, but historically always goes up. Today the stock market can be a scary place, and the only commodity you can buy and enjoy is real estate.  

All of our lenders, title companies, inspectors, and more have all stepped up to the plate, embraced the technology and are getting deals closed. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans, notary at curbside, wires, CDC guidelines gloves, booties, and mask. We are all aligned as one virtual team to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

Rose & Dean Sklar are your trusted real estate advisors, your council. Leveraging our network and our technology to get real results in this unprecedented time.