There is opportunity in difficulty

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For Rose Sklar, who thrives on social interaction and hosting impactful gatherings and openings, quarantine has been a life-altering period of time.  “Socialization is my life,” says Rose,  “It’s hard when you’re stuck inside.”

That is not to mean that the circumstances are holding her back in any way!  Adapting to the new way of doing real estate while mastering new technologies, Rose has been welcoming clients to listing appointments virtually and successfully selling properties sight-unseen.

During this time, Rose and her PGA-golf-pro husband, Dean, joined the South Florida Boat Club to expand their lifestyle to the water more permanently.  Rose exclaims enthusiastically.  “We love living the South Florida lifestyle.” 

This is the latest move they have made in their East-meets-West expansion.  The expansion began when she realized that many of her local clients, as well as those in New York and New Jersey, were in a similar boat as Rose.  With kids going to college and ‘empty-nest’ setting-in, downsizing and living East was something she sold by asking friends and relationships, “Are you ready to move East and go to vertical living?”

Now owning a beach condo herself, she reflects on the benefits, stating, “It was my sanity, buying-in, and this is how I’m going to have more fun!” 

After 30 years as a realtor, having begun her career in New Jersey and continuing her success in South Florida, Rose has achieved balance in her life, family and work.  Now, with the silver lining of quarantine, she is in a place to embrace and enjoy the fruits of her achievements.

She is satisfied to see her children bloom in their own successes after having raised her children in their Weston family home.  As vice president of ways and means with The Weston Music Society and its history of providing local scholarships in music, it is with particular pride that her daughter, Paige, has carved her own success in music after attending the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.  “She sounds just like Billie Eilish,” Rose beams.

The expansion Rose has achieved does not end at the Eastside.  Her son, Cody, is now part of The Sklar Team and it’s legacy.  “He is a natural-born realtor and salesperson,” Rose acknowledges.  “As a Silver Knight nominee for community service, he’s so philanthropic and I’m always pushing him.  He’s going to be my 30 under 30.” 

The family has overcome many challenges in educating the public and schools about food allergies.  The family moved to South Florida and changed their lifestyle after a life-threatening incident changed their perspective forever.  The young entrepreneur has since pitched a national program to Coldwell Banker which is coming soon.  “Cody In The Kitchen” will discuss autoimmune issues and severe food allergies backed by education and easy-to-follow recipes.

With her degree in public relations and advertising, Rose is comfortable in adapting with creativity and thinking outside-of-the-box.  Amidst the pandemic, she is grateful to see that the market did not drop and observes people moving back West for more space and the luxuries it brings, such as a home office.


“You have to pivot and I pivot easily - I’m from Jersey!” laughs Rose.  More seriously, she responds, “In response, I said ‘Let’s go Facebook live!’”

So she did and her live event “Million Dollar Listing” has gone viral.  In pivoting with the technology, she’s inviting select brokers to her new construction symposium for live networking.  Sponsors are very interested in the opportunity she has created.

“Come in and talk about how I’m handling COVID,” Rose invites, “There is opportunity in difficulty.”

From Rookie of the Year during her start in New Jersey, to ranking number one in sales volume for the past decade-plus, her track-record for success is well-documented.  Providing opportunity and success to her team, still ranked number one for Coldwell Banker, and being nominated Mother of the Year this year by Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, Rose Sklar is a phenom we all have in our sights for inspiration in living a life of balanced success.