What it takes to Sell a Property

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Real Estate

There is an expression, "It takes an army to sell a house." This is very true. I learned the importance of Full Service real estate a long time ago and have stuck with it ever since. Surrounding yourself with the right TEAM of professionals who specialize in important areas such as Negotiating, marketing, staging, social media, etc has been the Key to selling houses faster and for Top Dollar.

One area in particular has become the Norm, not the exception. As I like to call it, Refreshing your property for sale is Critical. Although seller's often times do not want to be bothered with prepping, painting and depersonalizing their home before selling, it is actually a MUST in today's dynamic real estate market. Back in the good old days, when I started selling real estate in New Jersey in the late 80's, when their was no internet and the photos were grainy and dark. The buyers would trust their agent to set up the appointments to see the inventory based on their wants and needs. Today, with the lightning speed internet, and the DEMAND of our world of technology, the buyers are taking control of the wheel. They shop online first, before they even call an agent. They look at videos more than ever before, actually over 108 million Millennials & Gen X are on Youtube MONTLY and 90% start with video. This is why Professional photos, Staging and Social Media marketing are more important than ever before.

Rule #1: Less is more when selling your home. Your "stuff" and chachkas distract buyers from seeing themselves in the property. It has become Necessary in today's real estate market to REFRESH your property in order to return TOP DOLLAR. If you choose not to prepare your home for sale, it is fine, however you are potentially leaving BIG MONEY ON THE TABLE! Decluttering and Depersonalizing is a Must. If you are not taking it with you, get rid of it, donate it, pitch it. If the built in's are dated, remove them. Same thing goes for Light Fixtures: replace them. How long have you had those drapes? Do you plan on taking the with you? Probably not. So it is a good idea to take them down too.

Rule #2: Painting: Most Reasonably Priced and Best Bang for the buck. If you haven't painted recently or have dark hues, You need to paint in today's colors.

Rule #3: Staging - Statistics prove that staged homes sell faster and for higher dollar than their counterpart. (Porch Article, 2017- click on attached link above) Think of it this way, WOULD YOU WEAR YOUR OLD CLOTHES FROM 15-20 years ago? Do they still fit, do they still look the same? This is how buyers look at your property. If they see Any Work at all, they will be deducting much more than it would actually cost, and many times, they won't even bother to visit at all. All these Rules truly work and we have the Results to Prove it!

Rule #4: Great Photography, Staging & ONLINE PRESENCE stimulates what we like to call "Foot traffic." We need to get the buyers through the door. Internet showings are a great start too, but we still prefer the old fashioned true foot traffic- get them in the front door and let the sales person do the rest. THIS IS WHY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE A MUST in today's dynamic INSTANTANEOUS market.

Rule #5: Pricing: Pricing is Key. You want to always put your best foot forward, by not only prepping it, presenting the property it in it's best light, coupled with strategic pricing to be competitive. All these factors need to be in sync with each other.

Rule #6: Constant Contact: When selecting your agent to represent probably one of the biggest assets in your portfolio, make sure they are from the area you are selling, have the kind of business and social connections in your market to best attract the type of buyer you need for your property and also to have other similar priced listings in your area. For instance, If you have a Golf Front property, choose and agent with Golf experience. Having other inventory helps drive the buyers right to the listing agents which allows them to cross sell and bring more potential buyers to your property. Email marketing, Constant contact database and Blogging are also KEY to staying "Top of Mind" in the publics eye, as are Social media platforms, internet presence, business and club affiliations all are important PARTS of the intricate puzzle we call Real Estate. EXPERIENCE IN THE HANDLING OF THE TRANSACTION IS PARAMOUNT. All these things matter.

So, to recap: It all matters, whether it's a fresh coat of paint, neutralizing a pet odor, putting away personal items, straightening closets, and especially not sticking around when the buyer is looking. And take the dog with you too. Yes, Signs do help too. Experience does matter when handling the transaction, check for a Results oriented track record. Are your agents socializing at your local establishments where they can face to face with a probable buyer? It all matters. Let us ORCHESTRATE and LAUNCH your Residential Property to reach the biggest audience of qualified buyers.